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A promotional first aid kit with your company logo on is a great corporate gift. We do two different types of branding on the first aid kits, depending on the type of kit. For the first aid boxes we use screen printing and for the first aid bags we can use both printing and embroidery. We supply you with your promotional first aid kits in South Africa.

Below we explain the difference between the types:

The process of Embroidery allows for artwork to be recreated by decorating fabric or other materials with designs stitched in strands of thread or yarn using a needle - specialist equipment used for mass production. Pantone References can be provided, however embroiderers use a different colour code based on the threads used, so colours are matched as close as possible. It's best to avoid blends of colour when creating an embroidery and stick to using solid colours.

Screen Printing
Screen Printing is a printmaking process based on the creation of individual screens for each colour present in a piece of artwork. Artwork for Screen Printing ideally needs to consist of vector images and outlined text so that the separation of each colour is possible. Each screen made then acts as a layer, with each layer printed in order to build up a complete image.

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