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We supply the Government Regulation 7 First Aid Kit in South Africa.

The Government regulation 7 first aid kit is work first aid kit suited for offices with up to 25 people. These office first aid kits are available in a metal first aid box and is wall mountable. A government regulation first aid kit needs to be placed in a central location that is easily reachable.

Dimensions: 460mm x 340mm x 140mm

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Mining First Aid Kit

Government Regulation 7 First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit Contents:

1 x Set Safety Pins (set of 10)
4 x Roller Bandage 75mm
4 x Roller Bandage 100mm
1 x Elastic Adhesive Bandage
4 x Pairs Examination Gloves
2 x Pack Sterile Gauze 100mm x 100mm
1 x Pack N/S Gauze 50mm x 50mm
2 x Resus Aid (CPR Mouth Piece)
10 x Plaster Strips
1 x 100ml Antiseptic Solution
4 x First Aid Dressing no.3
4 x First Aid Dressing no.5
1 x Cotton Wool Roll 50g
1 x Pair Scissors
1 x Forceps
1 x Microporous Paper Tape
4 x Triangular Bandages
2 x Splints
4 x Safety/ Hi-Risk Gloves
5 x Paper Towels
1 x Absorbent Granuals
1 x Bio-Hazard Bag
2 x Disinfectant Sachets

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